Saturday, January 25, 2014

Krug Dinner Singapore / Malaysia 2014: The Hidden Value and its Fair Value


Champagne dinners, unlike property investment or stocks, are inherently more complex than we thought it is.

You cannot simply compare it with a bottle of Krug in a local wine shop (1855 The Bottle Shop; Krug Vintage 1998 for S$447 or Krug Grande Cuvee for S$305).

Coming from an accidental Champagne collector’s point of view, I write this article with the help of my advanced valuation knowledge acquired through years of deal making.

The experience

The experience of sipping a flute of Krug, alongside Krug lovers as well as Olivier Krug, will be unparalleled for many years to come.

Moving from one Krug to another, at 70th Floor of Swissotel Singapore, in front of the floor-to-ceiling glass panels, overlooking the city of Singapore, the environment and ambience would heighten the sensitivity of your five senses. I am sure you would ask yourselves, did you enjoy Krug the wrong way all the while. Unwillingly, most will soon realise, the next glass of Krug is seducing you.

Julien Royer, Chef de Cuisine of JAAN, will be showcasing his spectacular gourmet creations to complement and bring out the best complexity, intensity and tastes of the respective Krug Champagne.

Who should attend this

If money is not a constraint, I believe anyone who loves dining and Champagne as well as is curious about extraordinary dining  should all attend.

Can I attend this?

If you have a genuine interest to understand dining and enjoyment of Champagnes, and do not mind to make a purpose trip down to Singapore on 13th February 2014, please email for more details.

How did GohBerry get himself into Krug Dinner’s list

I have gotten access to this exclusive event through natural networking, volume purchase and constant dealing with brand owners. I am fortunate to have guidance from people that have years of experience in wine and liquor.

Krug Dinner Singapore 2014 – SOTP (Sum-of-the-part valuation)

Assume: Champagne by the glass

Krug Grande Cuvee - S$65 (RM1,515 nett a bottle in Circus KL, Malaysia)
Krug Grande Cuvee Rose - S$115 (estimate)
Krug Vintage 2003 - S$85 (estimate)
Krug Vintage 2000 - S$85 (estimate) (RM2,098 nett a bottle in Circus KL, Malaysia)
Krug Vintage 1998 - S$118 (estimate)
Krug Blanc de Blanc Clos du Mesnil - S$270 (estimate) (may or may not be served)

Total Champagnes (exclude Clos du Mesnil) = S$468
Total Champagnes (including top-up premium of 30%) = S$608

Food (5-7 courses) S$250 (estimate)

Total value = $S858++ = S$1,010

Being hosted by Olivier Krug - 20% premium = S$1,212  (RM3,151)

Krug Dinner Singapore 2014 – RV (Relative valuation)

Hangover Brunch @ Circus Pavilion, KL, with free-flow Dom Perignon Champagnes = RM1,012 nett

Krug Vintage / Dom Perignon = RM1,799 / RM819 = 2.2

Assume Hangover Brunch @ Circus Pavilion, KL, with free-flow Krug Vintage Champagnes = RM1,012 x 2.2 = RM2,223 nett

Moving it to JAAN, 70th Floor, Swissotel Singapore (Asia’s 22nd Best Restaurant) and get Olivier Krug in as guest of honour - 50% premium = RM3,334 (S$1,282)

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